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Taking one or ten classes at Talent Forum does not change how important you are to our programs. Any student is welcome to take any class providing it is appropriate to the students’ age and ability. Shelley is happy to assist in finding the best classes for your dancer. Though not mandatory until an Int. 2/3 level, taking ballet is extremely important in the development of a dancer. The terms and technique learned in ballet class are the foundation for most other dance forms. Keeping ballet as part of their dance training allows our students to truly excel.

Concert / Commercial

Forum Dance Theatre NFP is a pre-professional youth contemporary company that prepares the dancer for the expectations of a professional dance career. Numerous performance and training opportunities help hone performance quality and build a resume. Forum is highly acclaimed for their intense choreography which is always an asset if stepping into a college audition or professional arena. Proficiency in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary is required to participate. Auditioning is required.

Footprints Tap Ensemble NFP is a pre-professional youth tap company which requires a passion for the art of tap and opens leadership opportunities. They are highly respected and perform at numerous venues. Besides developing excellent tap skills, Footprints encourages its’ members to lead their peers, choreograph and learn about show production. Auditioning is required.More about Footprints on company page.

Seeking a Commercial Track

It takes versatility to audition for Commercials, Music Videos, Industrials, Dance Concerts, Broadway, Cruise Ships or as a Back-Up Dancer. Being on a Concert Dance Track heads you in the right direction.

  • Adding Forum Starz brings more stage time and a flashier, hot jazz style to a dancer’s repertoire. Participating in competitions builds auditioning skills and performance opportunities. The focus is on providing excellent training and positive, fun choreography.
  • Adding Hip Hop instills the street movement representing many of today’s music artists and commercials.
  • This hard hitting Hip Hop company, Forum Squad is bringing fierce choreography thanks to director Wesley "Wesside" Owens. They are already receiving great recognition at numerous performances. The intensity and attitude being developed provides a competitive edge for auditions.
  • Adding Tap is something that one should take, even if not interested in becoming a member in Footprints. Knowing a shuffle ball change and a time step is helpful!
  • Adding Ballet is the fundamental for most dance forms. Being proficient in ballet will get a dancer more work than anything else! Maintaining strong ballet technique while adding the other dance styles; jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and tap to your resume will take you far. TF offers exceptional master teachers to bring all of these dance forms to you.


Forum Starz is a way to get performance opportunities while competing in front of judges for trophies and awards. Artistic Director, Lindsey Beebe, will focus on providing excellent training, along with positive and fun choreography enhanced by a ballet and jazz class. Alert Shelley if interested.

Forum Starz includes: Opening act for Talent Forum’s Annual June Recital, performance in Tap Jam, 2 competitions,Lambs Farm, Libertyville Days and other select performance opportunities. This program can be in addition to any current dance track!

Our hard hitting Hip Hop companies, Forum Squad and now, Junior Forum Squad perform in Tap Jam, DanceScapes, attend 2 competitions, Lambs Farm and numerous local venues. The intensity and attitude being developed provides a competitive edge.

Poms & Dance Team

Local high schools seek out Mr. Richard for his expertise in honing dance skills needed for a strong competitive dance team. He focuses on clarity and intensity of movement.

  • Competitive Poms Dance Teams – Mr. Richards for 5th-8th graders
  • NEW – Coach Beth Brilowski for 3rd-4th graders
  • Get on a Team – Register Now – Call Shelley for more details
  • Attend the Poms Skills Workshop Monday, July 23, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Another option is Forum Starz, as it begins after the high school poms season has concluded. The competition and performance does not conflict with IHSA rules and regulations.

We also maintain a Contemporary Jazz 4/5 NAB (No Additional Ballet Required) on Tuesday from 8:30pm-9:30pm with Taylor Mitchell. Ballet background is required.

Free Boys Program

We are thrilled to continue this Boys Program which includes 1 Free Full Season of the Boys Class held on Wednesdays, 5:15 – 6:00pm with Alyssa Owen-Truetelaar. Boys in Jr High and High School will be merged into our regular class schedule. There will be a fee for the recital costume for this class.

As a special offer, a 2nd class can be added to their schedule at a 50% discount. Contact Shelley if you would like to participate so she can help with class placement.