Studio Rules & Guidelines

To insure the safety of our dancers, please observe the following

  2. PARKING LOT SAFETY: We want to express the importance of not letting your child run across the parking lot to meet you. Do not wait behind parked cars for your child; this creates a very dangerous situation. No one is allowed to walk behind the building. For safety reasons, dancers and parents should use the sidewalk in front of the building.
  3. BE PROMPT: Anyone arriving 10 minutes late for a class may not be allowed to participate and only be allowed to audit class. We suggest that all intermediate and advanced dancers arrive 15 minutes early to warm themselves up.
  4. Students’ personal items should be stored in the cubicle area. Cell phones should be turned off or switched to "silent mode". We are not responsible for personal belongings.

  5. A SAFETY HAZARD exists if the dance floors get wet. Please remove wet, muddy or snow covered shoes at the door and carry them to the cubicle area.
  6. No food, beverages or GUM is allowed in the studio’s dance rooms. Dancers with breaks between classes must confine their eating and activities to the "Study Area" located in the Parent Waiting Room.
  7. Students’ personal items should be stored in the cubicle area. Cell phones should be turned off or switched to "silent mode". We are not responsible for personal belongings.
  8. A LOST & FOUND box will be maintained at each studio. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity on a monthly basis.
  9. Manners and common courtesy are expected and required of all students. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Fellow dancers, teachers and all staff members are to be treated with respect.
  10. There is no talking in class, unless directed to the teacher and as it relates to dance.
  11. The studio is not a playground! Absolutely no running. Hanging on the ballet bars is not allowed.
  12. Tap shoes must be checked on a regular basis to ensure that there are no protruding nails or screws that will gouge and damage the dance floor.
  13. Hair must be worn away from the face, up and contained in all classes. Buns are required for ballet.
  14. Use your time during water breaks wisely. Checking cell phones during a break is not appropriate.
  15. Students may not walk to Dunkin Donuts or other "snack" areas off the block without a partner and written permission from their parents. No food runs after dark, unless driving. We request that students wait inside or on the front sidewalk of the studio for parent pick up.
  16. Know and observe the proper Dress Attire code. It will be strictly enforced!

Class Co-Requirements

COMPANY MEMBERS required classes must be taken at Talent Forum. Entrance into a company is by audition or invitation.

STUDENTS ON POINTE must take two ballet classes at Talent Forum. Select ballet classes offer a Pointe class immediately after. These classes work in conjunction with one another so you will be warmed up for Pointe class.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED jazz, contemporary, and/or lyrical students, that wish to advance a level or enroll in a specific teacher’s class, may be required by that teacher to be currently enrolled in one of the fundamentals (ballet, lyrical or jazz technique) at Talent Forum. This requirement may affect an entire class or specific students and is intended to enhance the students’ technique and dance development. Ballet is a requirement for all lyrical & contemporary classes and level 2/3 and up in all jazz styles.

Dress Code

PROPER DANCE ATTIRE IS ESSENTIAL TO RECEIVE THE FULL BENEFIT OF YOUR DANCE CLASS! Teachers and students must be able to see the full bodyline in order to apply corrections properly. Black leotards (or pink for younger students), either camisole, tank, cap or long sleeves and pink tights are required for all ballet classes. Black attire is required for all jazz, contemporary, and lyrical classes. If needed, all support bras must be black. Dance pants should be Capri length and form fitting to the knee. Tap requires pants to be Capri length to expose ankles and hip-hop attire is at the discretion of the teacher.

NO dance skirts, big shirts, baggy pants/shorts will be allowed in class, with the exception of hip hop. Body warmers are allowed if they conform to the body, and the teacher permits. The ankles of the dancer should be exposed for all dance disciplines!

MALE DANCERS: Proper dance clothes are recommended; however, a plain white or black tank, or tee shirt, and form fitting dance pants or sweatpants are acceptable.

SHOES: Pink ballet and pink pointe shoes are required for all ballet classes. Black shoes are required for all tap, and jazz classes. A clean supportive sneaker is required for hip-hop. Occasionally, the instructor may request a color preference to compliment the costume.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Approved dance wear and shoes may be purchased at Talent Forum. Leotards, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes and jazz shoes are available. If you do purchase dance shoes elsewhere, please have the director or your teacher check the fit before you sew on any elastic. It is especially important that the ballet teacher check pointe shoes.

Class Observation

PARENTS DAY: We invite parents to observe classes three times during the season. The dates for this years Parent’s Day are marked on the calendar included in this handbook. Teachers and students look forward to these special days.

Additional visits to the classrooms by parents, visitors or observers are by special permission from the teacher, and the director or office manager should be notified of these visits in advance.

A Parent Waiting Room is provided for those that need to stay at the studio while their child is in class. We ask that parents, siblings and other visitors confine their activities to this area so that classes are not disturbed. Additionally, we find that "split attention" occurs if parents, visitors or siblings hang outside the classroom doors.

Inclement Weather & Circumstances Beyond Our Control

Every effort will be made to notify you, via email, in advance of any closures due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen reason. We will also try to post information on this website. If it becomes necessary to cancel a class, due to weather or any other reason, the class will be rescheduled, if possible, and students will be notified in advance of the new date.