Dance Scapes 2020

Dance Scapes is coming on March 15th!

Online tickets sales are NOW OPEN at

Sunday, March 15 @ 4:30pm
Libertyville High School
708 W Park Ave
Libertyville, IL

Tickets are $19.75/ea and are availble for online purchase here.

All other Students and Parents are encouraged to see DanceScapes. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the more advanced dancers. Viewing is also very inspirational for our younger students.

The performance is rapidly approaching. Students scheduled to perform in DanceScapes need to make every effort to attend all classes. If injured or not contagiously sick, come to watch class!

Important Dates:

  • Sunday, February 23rd: DanceScapes’ Pictures @ TF. A schedule for their pictures is listed on back.
  • Saturday, March 14th: Dress Rehearsal @ LHS. A schedule will be distributed within 3 weeks. Any conflicts – fill out form!
  • Sunday, March 15th: Performance – 4:30PM @ LHS. ALL Performers must be there by 3:30 pm unless told otherwise.

Rehearsal & Performance Location:

Libertyville Hills High School Auditorium
708 W Park Ave
Libertyville, IL
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Instructions for Pictures

Sunday, February 23rd

  • Dancers should arrive in time to have their picture TAKEN at scheduled time.
  • Arrive in costume with hair done, and light, natural-looking make up - mascara, lip stick, blush.
  • No fingernail/toe polish, stick-on tattoos, or glitter stickers; No visible jewelry.
  • One parent or guardian per student, No siblings or friends, please as it gets very crowded.
  • Dancers are not required to purchase pictures, but please give the courtesy of taking part in the group pictures. They go on display at the studio, and are saved as fond memories by Shelley, teachers, and others who purchase.
  • Individual pictures are offered as well – Great packages are available by RT Photo.

Picture Schedule

TimeClass NameNormal Practice
11:00amHip Hop 2Friday 4:45-5:45
11:15amCommercial Jazz Int 2/3Saturday 12:30-1:30
11:30amJr Forum SquadSunday 12:15-1:30
11:45amContemporary Int 2/3Thursday 4:00-5:00
12:00pmForum Starz PetiteSaturday 10:00-11:00
12:30pmForum SquadSunday 1:30-3:15
12:45pmNext StepThursday 8:30-9:00
1:00pmTap Int 4Thursday 5:00-6:00
1:15pmBallet Int 2/3Monday 4:00-5:15
1:30pmFootprints (All)The Greatest Show
2:00pmCommercial Jazz Int 1/2Saturday 1:30-2:30
2:15pmElite Forum SquadSunday 3:15-5:00
2:30pmForum Starz IntSaturday 11:15-12:30
3:00pmContemporary Int 4/5Thursday 7:15-8:30
3:15pmBallet Int 3/4Thursday 7:30-8:45
3:30pm2019 Scholarship RecipientsEmma I & Autumn J
3:45pmLyrical 3/4Wednesday 8:30-9:30
4:00pmLyrical 2/3Thursday 5:00-6:00
4:30pmBallet AdvancedMonday 5:00-6:15
4:45pmBallet Int 3/4Monday 5:15-6:30
5:00pmCont Ballet Int 5/AdvWednesday 7:15-8:30
5:15pmCommercial Jazz Int 4Saturday 10:00-11:00
5:30pmBallet Int 4Monday 7:00-8:15