Covid-19 Plans & Procedures

Talent Forum COVID-19 Plan & Procedures

This plan was presented to the Mayor of Libertyville, and the Lake County Health Department, and approved. We have adhered to CDC, Federal, State, and Local guidelines and recommendations:

  1. Studios will be marked off with areas that allow for a six-foot distance between each dancer in the designated area in which they will dance.
  2. All areas that anyone touches daily, including, but not limited to all barres and mats will be disinfected as soon as one class ends and before the next class begins. Bathrooms as well as each of the designated dance areas will also be disinfected regularly to reduce the risk of any transmission from the floor or restrooms.
  3. Our curriculum will temporarily discontinue handholding during class as well as the use of any communit props used during class.
  4. Each dancer is required to provide and wear a mask at all times while inside the studio. This includes upon entering, while dancing, and exiting the studio. All 4 studios have an exit to the outside should removal of the mask become necessary for any reason. Groups of dancers who attend for extending periods of time shall be provided mask breaks outside, and social distancing will be monitored. Staff and Faculty are also required to wear mask at all times while in the studios.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be stationed at the entry of the studio and in the classroom.
  6. The use of community amenities, such as the refrigerator, microwave and water cooler will be temporarily prohibited. Students must bring their own filled water bottles. Also, as cubbies will not be utilized, please have ballet, jazz, tap shoes, and sneakers in a small bag. They are only to be worn while at the studio.
  7. We ask parents of any dancer who is not feeling well that they stay home, particularly if they have a fever, cough, or runny nose. We do know that sometimes a tickle in the throat or a sneeze will happen. Should your child be outside without a mask and social distancing, please instruct your child to utilize their elbow and not their hands when this happens.
  8. All faculty will be temperature screened upon arrival at the studio, prior to teaching class.
  9. All classes will have a Zoom link if you prefer to take class in your home along with the in studio dancers. This link will also be available if you are unable to attend due to an illness that keeps you from entering the studio.

Procedures for drop-off, student entry and pick-up

Dancers should be dropped off at the main entrance for the studio, 450 Peterson. All dancers must be wearing a face mask to enter. They will proceed to the designated area where they will place their dance bag and water bottle, change their shoes, and wait for class to begin. It is recommended that dancers bring a small bag with only items they will need for class.

Parents will not be permitted to wait inside and must remain outside the building until class is over. At the end of class, dancers will exit the main entrance to be picked up by their parents.